Postcode Delivery Availability Check for Opencart

For support please drop an email at [email protected]
  1. STEP 0

    Please Backup Your Opencart Installation. You are advised to test it on a test / localhost before uploading to live website.

  2. STEP 1

    Installation is very easy Unzip the zip file you have downloaded from to a local folder on your computer. You will see following files:

  3. STEP 2

    Now upload the contents of the folder to opencart installation directory on web host using ftp program.

  4. STEP 3

    1. Login to Opencart Administration

    2. Open Extensions -> Modules

    3. Look for Postcode Check Module in list and click Green (+) sign in front of it.

    4. You will see landing page of module.

    5. Congratulations you have successfully installed this extension.

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