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Postcode Delivery Availability Check for Opencart

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Understanding Terms

  1. Postcodes: Postcodes are postal codes (a.k.a PINCode, ZIP Code) where your website provides delivery. You can add unlimited postcodes to this extension.
  2. Delivery Options: This is a list of options available for delivery like 1 Day, 2-3 Days, Week, 10 Days. We understand different postcodes may have different delivery time.

Adding Delivery Options

First of all you need to add one or more delivery options. You can do this by clicking "Manage Delivery options" button present on top of page.

Once you have added few options you can add postcodes.

Adding Postcodes

On Add Postcode Page you will need to add postcodes of areas. You can add Multiple postcode at once by entering them separated by comma. Repeated entries will be ignored. then select a delivery option that you added earlier.

In availability you have to select at-least one of Availability Options. If you don't deliver to this postcode simply dont enter postcode.


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